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About Us

Now in our second decade of service, we are passionate about delivering quality video solutions based on a strong strategic foundation.

A Central Asia-based media company, Bukhara Media began from a passion for storytelling. The use of film and video enables stories to not just be told but rather experienced by the audience. Beautiful imagery, music, lighting and editing allow our partners to re-create their stories to share them with others. Integration of Bukhara Media’s strategic audience testing elevates the reach, impact and effectiveness of each video we produce.

Our Services

High quality videography using state-of-the-art animation and design software. Your video will be unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.

Bukhara Media's goal is to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our success depends on yours, and we value each connection that we make.

Let the exotic spices and flavors of Bukhara add an oriental charm to your media productions. From local hospitality to post-production perfection, satisfaction awaits you.

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our inspiration

Our Inspiration

Bukhara Media takes its inspiration from the colors, textures and energy of ancient civilizations at the heart of the Silk Road. Shooting footage in this region is not like shooting anywhere else in the world and it provides a rich inspiration for our work. We think you'll find it novel and invigorating for you as well!

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Digital Media Arts

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